Hazarous Materials

Hazardous Materials - Directed by Brian O'Brien


Nora has trouble talking to anyone, wearing a full hazmat suit to try and block out the outside world - her anxiety means she struggles to be around people. She tries to put herself out there and engage with the world, but she just can't. Suddenly Rachel, a well meaning co-worker invites Nora to a house party - how will Nora's Hazmat suit hold up? At the party, Rachel learns how challenging Nora's anxiety is, and ultimately how to relate to her co-worker a little better.

Runtime: 15 minutes

Director, Editor - Brian O'BrienWritten by: Robin Oree | Produced by: Megan Leydon 

Cast: Nora -  Molly O'Mahony Rachel - Carla Keeney 


Director of Photography: Fintan Geraghty 

Production Design : Tara McDermott, Eleanor Arrowsmith 

Location Sound: Niall Clarke, Stephen Molloy 

Runner: Olimpia Arnaldi 

Sound Design: Paul Rowland 

Color and Finishing: John Talbot

Storyboard Artist : Liana Sposto - 

Graphic Designer : Siobhan Lenihan 

Awards / Screenings:

Independent Shorts Awards Honorary Mention for Best Indie Short Film 2018

Iffy Film Festival 2018 | Short and Sweet 2019 | Dumbo Film Festival 2019 | Elevation Indie Film Awards - Spotlight Winner 2019

Busan Intercity Film Festival 2019 | 307 Film Festival 2019 | Still Voices Film Festival 2019

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