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The CIACLA Creative Network is a monthly in-person networking opportunity for Irish & Irish American & Friends who work as Artists, Actors, Filmmakers, Musicians, Dancers, Writers, and anyone working in the Creative Industries living in California.

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This new network aims to support the Creative community in Los Angeles and throughout California through community events, opportunities for showcasing their work, and connections to industry professionals living and working in LA and across California.

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Aims of CIACLA's Creative Network:

  • To provide a platform for Irish creatives to showcase their work and connect with other artists and industry professionals in Los Angeles.
  • To support the growth and development of Irish creatives.
  • To foster collaboration between Irish and American artists, promoting creative exchange and innovation.
  • To promote the rich cultural heritage of Ireland through the arts and support the preservation of Irish cultural traditions.
  • To provide networking opportunities for Irish creatives and help connect them with potential employers, clients, and collaborators.
  • To encourage the growth of the Irish creative community in Los Angeles and provide a space for members to come together and connect.
  • To create opportunities for Irish creatives to connect with and learn from their peers, both in Los Angeles and in Ireland.
  • To build partnerships with local and international cultural organizations, promoting collaboration and cultural exchange.
  • To support the development of new and emerging Irish artists and creatives, providing them with resources and opportunities to grow.
  • To promote Ireland and its creative industries, helping to establish Los Angeles as a hub for Irish creativity and innovation.
  • To connect with local creatives and artists, building partnerships and future creative collaborations.