CIACLA is an Arts Centre for the promotion of leading Contemporary Irish Culture in Los Angeles.

We are open in Bergamot Station with an exciting summer program!

CIACLA promotes Contemporary Irish Culture and supports local diverse communities through a multidisciplinary programme, in collaboration with local and international cultural partnerships.

CIACLA is focused on developing a creative platform to support and challenge artists as a means of promoting creative innovation and collaborative initiatives in Los Angeles.

As we plan towards opening the permanent center in 2020, CIACLA's summer program provides a taster of whats to come!

CIACLA is a registered non-profit 501(c)(3) charity where all funds raised are placed back into the program, operations and ethos of the organisation.

CIACLA's Summer Fundraising Target



A Big Thanks to the 45 Members so far who have helped us raise $8,400 !

Our local fundraising target for our Wonderful Summer Programme is $15,000. To help us cover Artist Fees {help us pay Artists for their work!}, Materials {paint, tape, equipment} and Operation Costs {towards some of the cost of running our wonderful center}.

Help us reach our target by choosing a Membership level here or donate any amount here. 

Because we are a Charity - All Donations are Tax Deducible