Between You and Me

August 2020 - June 2021

Between You and Me is a series of online and in person events promoting Contemporary Art and Culture from leading Irish and Los Angeles based artists working in the visual arts, film, theatre, music and literature. The program focuses on bringing together our community through this difficult COVID-19 pandemic and connecting with new audiences through innovative creative digital platforms and engaging offline activities. 

The Between You and Me series will include: a CIACLA Online Program which features over 100 artists' work presented across our social media; CICALA's Micro Moments, presenting a series of public performances and creative activations by Artists showcasing creative activism and artistry; and a series of cultural activities that will pair in-person events and online experiences, such as I Traveled West, a literature event which will produce a physical chapbook to coincide with an online presentation of Irish and American poetry.

“As we are all going through this strange moment of uncertainty together, forced to grow accustomed to a new way of living, presented with a space between our previous lives and the pressures of an unknown future, not what is to come. We have curated this exciting program full of engaging work to address this disoriented juncture and bring communities together, while also creating opportunities for artists to showcase their work and provide our audience with exciting new ways to engage with Contemporary Irish Culture.” ~ Matthew Nevin CIACLA’s Executive Director 

CICALA's 2020-2021 program has been kindly supported by Mart Gallery & StudiosCulture Ireland and The Emigrant Support Programme.

Online Program

{Made in China - Spencer Glover}

CIACLA’s Online Program provides an opportunity for Irish artists living worldwide and artists from all nationalities living in Los Angeles County to showcase their work across our social media platforms and website. During the summer of 2020 an Open Call was held from which over 100 artists were selected to present their work. 

Featured artists include Amanda Rice, Aoife Bambury, Bbeyond, Bernie Masterson, David Lunney, El Putnam, Kata Kukla, Lauren White Murphy, Susan Broussard, Niamh Hannaford, Nicola Anthony, Paula Stokes, and Sarah Wren Wilson.

This online exhibition will be presented from August - November 2020 and can be viewed across CIACLA’s Facebook. Instagram, Twitter and website.

Micro Moments

{Social Distancing - Francis Fay}

CIACLA’s Micro Moments are a short series of creative activations by Artists living across Ireland and the USA. These artists were invited to record a short public performance of creative activism: A moment of artistry and inspiration to capture their practice, opinions or creative process, while living through the COVID-19 crisis. 

The series features writer & performer Chiamaka Enyi-Amadi, Multi-disciplinary Artist and Performer Colleen Keough, the composer Emer Kinsella, actor & comedian Emma Pyne, curator & artist Francis Fay, singer & actress Hannah Crowley, musician James Nolan, poet Sheila McMullin, actor & writer Susan Ateh, and artist Thinh Nguyen.

The series will be presented over ten consecutive days in September 2020 and can be viewed across CIACLA’s Facebook. Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and website.

The Irish Short Reels Series

Rayleen Kenny - Wrath | Image by Eileen Timmons

After a successful first run in 2019, The Irish Short Reel Series returns to CIACLA for a second year; showcasing 21 films for a brighter 2021 from Jan 1st to 21st.  Through these online screenings we are highlighting a curated selection of contemporary Irish Short Films, with thanks to Screen Ireland, MART Dublin & DFA Emigrant Support Programme.

This series of 21 short films range from drama, comedy, documentary, animation, sci-fi and contemporary storytelling; produced by some of Ireland's most exciting filmmakers. As the Irish film industry is currently enjoying a surge in output and success, with many Irish films, cast and crew gaining international recognition and winning major awards, we are delighted to provide a platform to showcase exciting new stories and talent.

Series Line Up: A Better You, A Death in the Family, A Different Kind of Day, At Present, Bending Glass, Break Us, Cúl an Tí, Dam, The First Was A Boy, Gustav, Hazardous Materials, Johnny, Maya, Miss & Missus, The Bird & The Whale, The Grass Ceiling, The Last Miner, The Tattoo, The Vasectomy Doctor, The Wiremen, and Wrath.

Upcoming Events

Between You and Me will feature a range of public events, accessible in person and online, spotlighting some of Ireland's most exciting creative talents across film, visual art, music and theatre.

I Traveled West

I Traveled West is an online literature event presented by Poetry International and CIACLA, focusing on Irish & American Poets who deal Place & Belonging. At this online event, five writers from across the globe will share their poems and perspectives on the idea of place, and how place can be an action as well as location. Reading from new and innovative work, these poets will challenge, expand, and offer ways into our own understanding, at the western edge of California, of how we are shaped by the land we call home. CIACLA will produce an online and physical chapbook to send to its audience to coincide with this event. 


Meet you at the Billboard

Meet you at the Billboard is an pop up visual art project curated by Matthew Nevin which will place the work of a Contemporary Irish Artist on display via a large on-street Billboard in Los Angeles County. This artist’s work will be showcased in this large scale, eye-catching setting to a broad and varied audience, exploring an alternative to the gallery space in times of social distancing. Members of the public will be invited to visit the billboard and engage with an online audio experience paired with the work.


Session returns to present a live event blending traditional and contemporary Irish music, dance, and storytelling, coordinated by Sinead Finnerty Pyne. The event focuses on bringing a contemporary slant to a traditional Irish session, providing an opportunity to gather and celebrate Irish customs, talent and craic.

In House Theatre

{Image Courtesy of In House Theatre}

In House Theatre will present an immersive theatre experience through a short run of performances across a number of in-situ locations with an Irish connection throughout Los Angeles County. InHouse Theatre’s unique live events are theatre at its most distilled. This group of LA based artists creates site-specific productions that confront audiences with the realism of film in a totally immersive setting.

Leading a Life So Linear

{Image Courtesy of Ines Coca}

Leading a Life So Linear is an explosive theatrical performance delving into the simple life events and unnatural damaging situations that come to define a life. Starring and directed by Jenn McGuirk in conjunction with Stella Adler Academy of Acting and Theatre Hollywood, Leading a Life So Linear will see one of Ireland's most exciting emerging talents produce an emotive piece of independent theatre that is not to be missed.


Activating Performance

Activating Performance presents a new work by one of Ireland's leading contemporary artists presented through an augmented periscope. A project by Ciara Scanlan, Activating Performance will entice a series of happenings and actions provoked by audio and text viewed via mobile devices. These virtual interventions will try and bridge the gap of physical distancing. Touch may be 'banned' but connection can go beyond. The events will allow our audience and the public to engage with exciting new work outside of a gallery context.