In April 2022 CIACLA will host the Irish Film Showcase, a series of screenings of a selection of Irish Short Films and CIACLA produced films. The showcase will screen at Laemmle Monica Film Center in Santa Monica, California. The showcase has been kindly supported by Screen Ireland, Irish Screen America and Government of Ireland Emigrant Support Programme.

The showcase will feature the third year of CIACLA’s Irish Short Reel Series {Applications Now Open}, the premiere of the CIACLA produced short films ‘180 Degrees‘ and ‘Maggie’ and feature film ‘What Is Going To Happen Next? 

Scroll down to learn more about our line up of films.

Images Courtesy of 2021 Films Images Courtesy of 2021 Films

Irish Short Reel Series

As part of CIACLA’s Irish Film Showcase in April 2022, ‘The Irish Short Reel Series’ will return for its third year, showcasing a curated selection of contemporary Irish Short Films.

The series of short films will range from drama, comedy, documentary, animation, sci-fi and contemporary storytelling, produced by some of Ireland’s most exciting filmmakers.

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180 Degrees

Synopsis: A letter arrives. It brings nothing but dread – until the waiting room door finally opens. 180 Degrees is the tense story of two women in one conflicting circumstance.

180 Degrees was written, directed, starred and produced by Jenn McGuirk, with support by CIACLA and MART Gallery & Studios.

Stars: Jenn McGuirk, Georgine McKevitt, Michelle Beamish and features music by James Nolan.

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In June 2021 CIACLA proudly presented “Maggie“, a short film offering a glimpse into the lives of a recently separated couple. What happens to their fractured relationship when their mutual friend drops a bomb into the works?

The film stars Alan Smyth, Catherine Siggins and Caroline Morahan and was produced in response to restrictions on live theatre during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Directors of CIACLA, Jenny Minniti Shippey, Ciara Scanlan and Matthew Nevin, worked together with the three actors to develop and direct this short film remotely.


What is Going to Happen Next?

‘What is Going to Happen Next?’ is an ambitious documentary directed and produced by Matthew Nevin that showcases a curated selection of unrehearsed video responses to the title question, put to one person in every country around the world.

The film emerged from a ten-year-long socially engaged project to capture opinions from all 203 sovereign states as defined by the United Nations. The documentary, which was completed in 2020, presents a curated selection of these participants. This film creates a global discussion that serves to highlight the diversity and complexity of humanity.

To initiate a genuinely unplanned answer to the title question, the participants were not informed of the question in advance. Instead, the participants were asked to record themselves reading the question, and were given just two minutes to respond. By removing the participant’s ability to prepare, the film presents its audience with a series of natural responses and a variety of behavioural nuances within an international cultural context.

By showcasing participants’ choice in visual setting, manner and practice of participating, along with a series of complex personal, social and political responses, the film attempts to give voice to the incredible diversity of our planet’s population.