CIACLA's Creative Community Program

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CIACLA is offering an opportunity to local crew by launching our Community Outreach Program: commissioning a selection of artists/creatives to create small community engaged activities. 

We recognize the incredible talent within our community, and we're offering a unique paid opportunity for artitsts/creatives to channel their skills, passion, and storytelling prowess into meaningful community engagements while getting paid for doing so! 

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How does CIACLA's Community Outreach Program Work?

Submit Your Idea:  Propose a community project that will take you 1 day to complete. 

Get Commissioned: Selected projects receive a commissioning fee of $250 from CIACLA. 

Engage the Community: Implement your activity within 3 months, targeting specific local communities. 

About CIACLA's Community Outreach Program

This program is aimed at connecting CIACLA Creatives and Los Angeles communities, by commissioning creatives to work within a chosen community to provide creative activities, performances, workshops, talks, and more, while earning a commissioning fee for their engagement. 

Activities carried out by the creatives are expected to be short, simple and an effective use of both the creator & communities time, through a direct, tangible experience or activity that meets CIACLA’s core values. 

Key Requirements for the activity:

  • Must be completed within the calendar year 2023.
  • Our vision is a one-day commitment, ensuring our creatives feel valued and are not overextended. [You may spread your hours across multiple days if needed]
  • When reaching out, focus on specific communities rather than the general public. Potential communities to engage with include: CIACLA’s Creative Network, Senior Citizens, LGBTQI+ groups, underprivileged individuals, those experiencing homelessness, ethnic minorities, refugee communities, persons with disabilities, and at-risk youth, among others. The intention is to create meaningful connections with those who might benefit most from these creative engagements.

Suggested Activities are listed below;  this is not a finite list, it is designed to be broad and not limiting to inspire. You will state what you would like to achieve in your application form.

    • Online / Podcast / Video Creation: Participate / Engage / Create in an online activity - participate in a podcast, social media video performance, release written work online.
    • Travel/Visit/Meet: Utilize your day to visit an organization or place to assist your professional development and share your learnings through a blog, video post, or in person at a Creative Network Event.
    • Community Performances, Poetry & Storytelling: Arrange a visit to a local community center, school, hospital, or retirement home to perform an informal reading of a Play / Poetry / Story.
    • Workshop / Talks: Offer a once off talk or workshop where you teach community members a creative skill, such as scriptwriting, character development, acting techniques, or other areas of expertise.
    • Create: Create any form of creative expression that can be showcased to your audience
    • Creative Collaboration / Cultural Exchange or Activity: Partner with an existing organization or partner to participate in a community engaged activity. Or team up with local musicians, dancers, or visual artists to produce a cross-disciplinary piece or performance. 
    • Simple Community Art Project: Guide community members in co-creating an art project.
    • Reading Circles: Organize virtual or in-person reading group to explore and discuss classic or contemporary scripts, novels, and more.
    • Virtual Film/Script Club: Introduce and discuss a chosen film or script, offering a unique perspective from an industry professional.
    • Community Screening: Organize a local screening (with necessary permissions) followed by an interactive discussion.
    • Collaborate with Local Artisans: Explore a fusion of traditional crafts with contemporary storytelling.

What is the commissioning Fee?

  • For this first round CIACLA is offering at least four creatives $250 for a one day activity.


Who can apply ?

  • CIACLA Creative Network Members living in Los Angeles County who are out of work due to the strike. {To join the Creative Network please visit here}


Decision Processes

Applications will be reviewed by a committee made up of CIACLA Board Members at each deadline until funds deplete. We aim for a diverse selection, resonating with CIACLA’s goals and community outreach. We expect that the current available funds may go within the first round so do not wait to apply. CIACLA will announce the supported activities across our social media channels and website.

Apply CIACLA's Community Outreach Program

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Support CIACLA's Community Outreach Program

Support Our Creative Community:

A Call to Action

The current writers & actors strike has left many of our talented Irish and Irish American Actors & Writers without work and financial security. At CIACLA, we've always believed in the power of community and the transformative essence of creativity. That's why we're launching a unique initiative to support these affected artists: CIACLA’s Community Outreach Program.

Through our program, we aim to commission a diverse group of locally-based creatives out of work due to the strike, helping them channel their skills into meaningful community projects for a commissioning fee of $250 for 1 day supporting a community of their choice.

The magnitude of this support rests largely upon our collective contribution. And so we humbly seek your assistance in supporting as many creatives as possible. 

Your donations can make a significant difference, ensuring we stand beside as many artists as possible during these challenging times.

Your dedicated Community Program donation will be directed in full towards commissioning and compensating these talented individuals, ensuring they continue to inspire, even amidst adversity.

We ideally would love donations in $250, $500, $750 or $1000, or whatever you can afford to build match funding towards CIACLA’s contribution.

The more donations we receive the more actors / writers in need we can support!