{Img: Made in China - Spencer Glover}

CIACLA’s Online Program provides an opportunity for Irish artists living worldwide and artists from all nationalities living in Los Angeles County to showcase their work across our social media platforms and website. During the summer of 2020 an Open Call was held from which over 100 artists were selected to present their work. 

Featured artists include Amanda Rice, Aoife Bambury, Bbeyond, Bernie Masterson, David Lunney, El Putnam, Kata Kukla, Lauren White Murphy, Susan Broussard, Niamh Hannaford, Nicola Anthony, Paula Stokes, and Sarah Wren Wilson.

This online exhibition will be presented from August - November 2020 and can be viewed across CIACLA’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and website.

To support CIACLA's Online Program and future opportunities for artists, please consider making a tax deductible donation on our support page, ever donation supports our organisation and the hundreds of artists we support.