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On 14th April 2022, As part of CIACLA's Spring Showcase we hosted the Irish Film Showcase at Laemmle Monica Film Center Santa Monica.

Screening from 7.30pm - 9.30pm

The Irish Film Showcase is an exciting celebration of Irish Film featuring some of Ireland's most exciting filmmakers!

In 2022 it included the return for its third year The Irish Short Reel Series; showcasing a curated selection of award winning contemporary Irish Short Films, ranging from drama, comedy, animation and contemporary storytelling!

And the premiere of CIACLA produced short films 180 Degrees and Maggie, which were shot during the covid-19 pandemic, alongside an exclusive part preview of the feature film What Is Going To Happen Next?

Irish Film Showcase 2022 Program:

The Way That I Am With You {Endless Mile Studios} | 180 Degrees {Jenn McGuirk} | MAGIC {Alfonso Films} | Pork {Gareth Lyons} | Maggie {CIACLA} | Not Quite Dead (Yet) {Peter Melrose} | Sparkle {Andie McCaffrey} | Snámh {Colm Daly} | Mary {Shaun O’Connor} | Memento Mori {Boulder Media} | Solas {Claire Bermingham} | The Tattoo {Ian Power} | What is Going to Happen Next? {Matthew Nevin} | Only A Woman {Irish Women In Harmony}.

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The Irish Film Showcase LA has been kindly supported by Culture Ireland, Screen Ireland, Irish Screen America, European Languages & Movies in America, MART Gallery & Studios and Government of Ireland Emigrant Support Programme.


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