Astaged reading of ‘Who’s your Daddy?’ was held on Friday August 4th at 7pm,  presented by CIACLA - Contemporary Irish Arts Center Los Angeles - at Building Bridges Arts Exchange, Bergamot Station.

Written and performed by Johnny O’Callaghan

Directed by Alan Smyth

About the show:

The play tells the true and comedic story of O’Callaghan (Stargate Atlantis) being saved by a starving Ugandan Orphan. It takes place when the writer’s personal relationship ends abruptly, and he agrees to help a friend shoot a no budget documentary, on the border of The Congo and Rwanda. The play follows his nine-month adventure where he wakes up to his potential and becomes a Dad.

Who's your Daddy? has previously opened in LA to rave reviews running for over 6 months to sold-out houses. It transferred to the Edinburgh Festival that summer and opened the following year Off Broadway at The Irish Repertory Theatre with The New York Times calling it a seductive monologue...impossible not to love.” A sold out run with Crow’s Theatre, Canada followed. 

This staged reading has been produced by CIACLA, Contemporary Irish Arts Center Los Angeles, with support from Building Bridges Art Exchange, Los Angeles Arts & Culture, Government of Ireland Emigrant Support Programme.

*Please be advised, this show is based on a true story and may contain language that some audience finds offensive* 

What the critics have said...

NEW YORK TIMES “A seductive monologue impossible not to love. High Piercing Farce...with adult libido sloshing all over the place."

THE SUNDAY TIMES “His journey from dissolute, quasi-suicidal cynicism to tiger-like determination is both funny and uplifting. ****”

LA TIMES “O’Callaghan’s buoyant solo show celebrating the adoption of his son is a charmer. This infectious comedy and irreverent insights keep the evening sharp. Now sell your sweet, saucy adoption story to the movies, Johnny, and put that kid through college.”

Nominated for a GLAAD Award for Outstanding Theatre and an OVATION Award for playwriting. The play received THE EDDON Award for best solo show.

THE IRISH ECHO "The show stands out from most others this reviewer has seen in years. HILARIOUS, GRIPPING..."

NY THEATER GUIDE "Our highest recommendation. Brilliantly written and electrifyingly enacted by a master thespian...HILARIOUS - a masterpiece of a monologue."


REVIEWS OFF BROADWAY "a great story, told with wit and energy...a tale not to be missed."

WOMAN AROUND TOWN "a winning piece...excellent." NEW YORK CITY STAGE "RIVETING."


“Superb – Extraordinary - go see...” THE INDEPENDENT

“**** A fine performer - we're with him every step of the way." THE SCOTSMAN

“**** O’Callaghan gives a stunning performance. A truly remarkable piece of theatre.” THREE WEEKS

“**** “The intensity which radiates from the actor is breathtaking." SUNDAY EXPRESS

NOW MAGAZINE “NNNN, O’Callaghan is an electric performer, and it’s hard to imagine anyone resisting his darkly comic adventure.” 

“**** The performance is captivating. This is a powerful, moving piece of theatre. I do urge you to go and see it." SCOTS GAY MAGAZINE

“***** Johnny O’Callaghan’s storytelling ability is amazing. It’s a passionate and infectious story.” YORKMIX

“It is a beautiful story that will touch you deep in your gut, while making you belly laugh throughout. One of the best of the year.” !FRONTIERS

“Johnny O'Callaghan is a one-man force of entertainment! In “Who’s Your Daddy?” we are shown through a rocket’s red glare of heartbreak and devastating wit, the epic battle of an actor’s fight to adopt his Ugandan son.” WORKING AUTHOR

"High praise this week for writer-performer Johnny O'Callaghan's Who's Your Daddy, its a GO – a well calibrated performance that elicits audience adulation by the end of his horrifying - yet ultimately uplifting tale.” LA WEEKLY

“100% Sweet.” Bitter Lemons

“This is a heartfelt, passionate story being brilliantly told by the man who lived it. It is beautiful and ultimately joyous - well worth everyone’s time to live the experience” Burbank Examiner

“For 90 minutes the audience is spellbound as moment by moment the metamorphosis of the life of Johnny O’Callaghan is revealed laced with unending humor.” EXAMINER.COM

“Johnny is extremely talented and engaging. His journey is an incredible story. This show is highly recommended.” LA Talk Radio

“Great story-telling. The enduring human spirit is shown here in its purest form and the power of love transcends all. Johnny O’Callaghan’s excitable courageous spirit captures you from the start, leaving you wishing he were everyone’s daddy.” ***** Highly Recommended SOCAL.COM

“An entertaining one man show that combines dark, bawdy humor with poignant moments, O’Callaghan is passionate and moving, ultimately telling a story of love and devotion.” The Tolucan Times

“A good storyteller, O’Callaghan has the audience in the palms of his capable hands as he describes in detail the various trials and tribulations of a single man attempting to adopt.” Culture Spot LA

“LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the show.” KPFK 90.7 FM

“Daddy plays like a taut, well-written personal essay, with seamless transitions between countries, people, and subjects, droll observations, and quite funny asides.” NoHo Arts District

“O’Callaghan excels at pulling it altogether and making the unseen “others” as real as if they were on-stage with him.” Culture Vulture

The Charlebois Post Jason Booker “A Joyous Tale, O’Callaghan WOW’S with his storytelling.”