Culture Chats Episode 3: Sustaining a Career in the Arts

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Culture Chats is an accessible discussion intertwining cultural and social issues, while delving into the minds of some of the leading contemporary voices in Irish culture. 

Episode 3 was filmed on location at IMMA Dublin, where Matthew Nevin hosted a discussion focusing on sustaining a career in the arts in Ireland. Matthew chatted with some of Ireland's most successful artists, including internationally renowned artists Amanda Coogan, playwright and director Philip McMahon, writer and journalist Una Mullally, Actor and writer Paddy C. Courtney and award winning choreographer and performer Philip Connaughton.

All of whom over their creative careers have made important contributions and impact into the development of Contemporary Irish culture. The conversation covers the highs and lows of working in the arts, tips for their peers and focuses on the journeys that led them to gaining international recognition. 

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About the Artists

Amanda Coogan an internationally recognised and critically acclaimed artist working across live art, performance, photography and video. Check out Amanda’s Website | Instagram | Facebook

Phillip McMahon a playwright and director, and is co-founder of award winning theatre company, THISISPOPBABY. Check out Phillip’s Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Una Mullally a writer, journalist and broadcaster. Check out Una’s Website | InstagramTwitter

Paddy C Courtney an actor and writer, best known for appearing in A Bump Along the Way, Safe, and PaddywhackeryCheck out Paddy’s IMDB | InstagramTwitter

Philip Connaughton an award winning choreographer and performer. Check out Philip’s Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Matthew Nevin, a curator, artist, filmmaker and Co Director of CIACLA, The Contemporary Irish Arts Center Los Angeles and MART Gallery & Studios Dublin. Check out Matthew’s Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin


Produced & Hosted by Matthew Nevin 

Co Produced by Ciara Scanlan & Jenny Minniti Shippey | With thanks to Edward Sheehy & Ewa Eypno

Directed by Eoin Heaney | Camera: Luca Truffarelli, Ror Conaty, Pato Cassinoni

Sound: Kieran Sheridan |Editor: Gavin Coleman

Produced by:

CIACLA, The Contemporary Irish Arts Center Los Angeles,

MART Gallery & Studios

Pick Me Up Pictures


CIACLA is a non profit 501(c)(3) arts organisation that promotes Contemporary Irish Culture and supports local diverse communities in Los Angeles through a multidisciplinary programme in collaboration with local and international cultural partnerships.  CIACLA is focused on developing a creative platform to support and challenge artists as a means of promoting creative innovation and collaborative initiatives in Los Angeles and across the USA. The show is running as part of CIACLA's program which has been supported by Culture Ireland, Government of Ireland Emigrant Support Programme, Screen Ireland and MART Gallery & Studios.