Coming Soon - Solo Play

Confessions of a Catholic Nymphomaniac - A Solo Play

Written & Performed by Emma Pyne.

Sexually liberated at twenty-three, slut-shamed at twenty-four, this is the story of how an Irish (former) Catholic girl struggles to overcome her generational shame around sex and find her way back to her bawdy true self.

Shame. Is it something we learn or that is forced upon us? Something that is passed down from generation to generation, not to be questioned? As children we have no shame but gradually, we learn about it, and growing up in 1980s Ireland, under the eye of the Catholic Church, nearly everything about being a woman is shameful. But not for this girl, she delights in SEX. She wants to be sexually free and liberated, a modern feminist. She moves to London; she is paving her own way in the world - until one day in 1997, when she is just 24 years old, everything changes when she is slut-shamed by a national tabloid newspaper and becomes the Monica Lewinsky of her small Irish town. Suddenly the generational shame of her family and her culture is thrust upon her. The fallout impacts her life for more than 20 years. But the thing is with shame, it lives in the shadows, and it has no place no go when you shine light on it. Alternately funny, bawdy, and poignant, this show is where she finally makes peace with herself, her family, and the Irish Catholic culture that tried to keep her down.

25 years later, this is her response to the world, the tabloids, the small towns, the Catholic Church, and oppressors everywhere of women and their sexuality.

The wider theme of this show is the sexual repression of women, particularly in the Catholic Church. The intention behind this show is to inspire and ignite conversation, to let people - but especially women and girls – to know they are not alone, they are not disgusting, disgraceful or shameful for having normal sexual desires, being curious about them and acting on them. Owning your sexuality is both natural and empowering and when a culture represses one half of its people, the entire culture suffers.

This show will take the audience on a roller coaster of emotional experiences; sexual freedom, judgement, slut-shaming, deep self-hatred and destruction, and finally self-love and acceptance.