At Present

At Present - Directed by Deirdre O'Toole


Your body changes with age - but does your life have to? Suzanne has always been a dancer, and for the first time in her life, she is feeling her body change and affect her work.

Runtime: 5 minutes

Directed by: Deirdre O'Toole | Follow Online, Facebook & Instagram

About the filmmaker:

‘At Present’ is Deirdre O'Toole and Suzanne Ostersmith's second creative collaboration after their documentary ‘Immersion’ (2019) had a successful run in film festivals and galleries. Deirdre is a filmmaker and lecturer in the National Film School, IADT, Ireland. She has a Ph.D. in Film and Visual Studies and has worked as a cinematographer and director. Suzanne is a choreographer, dancer, lecturer, and head of the dance program at Gonzaga University, Washington, USA.

Cast & Crew:

Deirdre O'Toole - Director & Producer

Suzanne Ostersmith - Writer, Choreographer & Producer

Michelle Conolly - Editor & Post-Production Supervisor

JP Quill Films - Cinematographer

Al Killian - Composer

Frank Reid - Drone operator

Dashawn Bedford - Camera operator

Suzanna Bilderback - Marketing Coordinator

Screenings, Nominations & Awards:

At Present, (2020) Chagrin Documentary Festival, Ohio, USA

At Present, (2020) Docs Ireland, Belfast

At Present, (2020) Aspen Mountain Film Festival, Colorado

At Present, (2020), Red Rock Film Festival, Utah, USA

At Present, (2020), Rogue Dancer Film Festival, USA

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