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In June 2019 we will open our doors to present an exciting programme of Contemporary Irish Culture.

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To achieve this we need your financial support to assist us with this big task ahead.

  • Your support will ensure that a modern and contemporary Irish is presented and represented. We will  develop a creative platform to support and challenge Irish artists, working across disciplines, as a means of promoting Irish culture in Los Angeles.
  • Your support will facilitate collaborative methods of showcasing Irish Contemporary Culture, through public engagement and supports, while providing opportunities for contemporary artists through an exciting exhibition programme and studio space residency.
  • Your support will help us engage in the production of new work by providing resources, problem-solving, exchange and cooperation to resource art, and by contributing to the development of  an Irish artistic community in Los Angeles.
  • Your support will allow us to advocate for Irish Culture and the artist, through engagement with civic bodies, political representatives, public funding bodies, local and national businesses, national and international cultural bodies and institutions.

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