This is where you come in! To make this ambitious project happen we need your space, suggestions, contacts, creative thinking on securing a space to host a 3 month pop up pilot programme from June - August 2019. The project will showcase leading contemporary Irish culture and set the ground work in a long term home for Irish Arts in Los Angeles.

What Type of Space?

We are adaptable. It could be a warehouse, new build, old beauty, office block, you name it we have transformed a building like it to serve the art community.

Where in Los Angeles?

We are investigating all areas in Los Angeles! Ideally along the coast near Santa Monica and Venice.

Length of lease?

We are looking for a 3-4 month lease to begin with, to allow us to showcase the potential for this center. This might become our long term home, but doesn't have to be.

How will it work?

We will have a local gallery manager, and international programmer working to programme and run the space, along with hired local day to day staff.

I Have a space in mind, what now?

Great! Get in touch now! Email: